FAST®- Australia

FAST® - Families and Schools Together

FAST® is an early intervention and prevention program that helps children succeed by empowering parents, connecting families, improving the school climate and strengthening community engagement.

KidsFAST® is for primary school age  parents and their student children (Pre Primary to year 6 ). It was developed it to help parents become more involved in the lives of their children through family relationship strengthening , improved parent-child bonding, and stimulating parental empowerment. By empowering parents to be the primary protective factors for their own family, FAST helps to make lasting changes in the structures of  families. It works extremely well with both universal and selective approaches to enrolment.

BabyFAST® is a  multi-generational program for young parents with children 0-3 and their parents. This model is the strongest intervention program because while it is preventive for the babies, catching them early in their cognitive and behavioural development, it also supports identified risks and provides a more supported approach. BabyFAST supports young parents and grandparents in their new role, helps to strengthen relationships within the family and connect the family with peers and the community

FAST® works with the Social Capital Theory by building social capital, connecting people and building trusting relationships. In this environment, social isolation declines and mutual support within and between families flourishes. From this foundation, shared positive values arise naturally- increasing the likelihood that children will make wiser, healthier choices throughout their lives.




"We absolutely loved BabyFAST and believe that it benefited our family in so many ways. The first would be connection, being young parents is such an isolating experience and babyfast has helped make connections and meet other parents that we otherwise probably wouldn’t have.Another important one is giving us some time out with ourselves without the babies but also some quality time with them with no expectations on anything including setting up/cleaning it after which can be big barriers for us.It’s made us realise how we can input time for ourselves in our everyday lives and how important that balance is for a healthy family. Have done it twice I found different aspects helpful at different times. I loved baby massage I found that really good for connection and bonding with baby. Since my son is older now, special play is great and developmentally great as it’s letting him express himself and giving us ideas for home.I really do enjoy the meals at the end eating together as a family especially with my Mother in law, which we didn’t get to do as often since moving out was good."
CLAN Midland, FAST
“We graduated from our 8 week KidsFAST program. It’s all about family and connecting with your kids even more. I am so proud of my kids learning new things. FAST was so amazing! Made great friends that I know I can turn to. Most importantly I was able to be there for a mother that needed it the most. I’m so proud of every single one of the families that was there. Was absolutely amazing to bond and grow. We miss FAST!”


"We were a new family with a small community of people around us when we decided to join the FAST Family. We have normally attend to all type of activities and classes for kids but the 'FAST Family' is like a magic door open to a new habit. FAST Family allowed us to connect with other parents and realities with gentle and always positive approach; the fact that it is consistent over time let you create bond and a new cycle of security among other families. Attending to this program gives you another feeling about parenting and also helps to open up to interact, meet and link with others. I am so glad I came across with my FAST Family".