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Community Links Project

The Community Links Project: Bullsbrook and Midland

"Every single person has the capacity to make their community a better place to live, because every single person has something entirely unique to contribute."

The Community Links Project supports people to use their talent, skills and knowledge to start their own projects, groups and initiatives to make our communities better places to live. We use an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to encourage individuals to drive engagement with their neighbours and the wider community. Currently, the Community Links Project supports community engagement in the areas of Bullsbrook and Midland, working alongside individuals and groups to nurture connection, promote inclusiveness and create belonging.


Bullsbrook Cuppas Group

What We Do

  •  Provide guidance and training to willing volunteers to build confidence, leadership and resilience supporting them to organise and deliver activities themselves (based on their interest or expertise).
  • Support with resources and connections to spaces where groups can come together, that are safe, culturally appropriate, and place based.
  •  Provide access to a network for effective outreach to the community, where a free exchange of ideas and opportunities can be leveraged.
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