Community Links


What is the Community Links Project?

The Community Links Project uses an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to encourage individuals within the community to use their own talents, skills and knowledge to drive engagement with their neighbours and the wider community. The project focuses on the areas of Bullsbrook and Midland and is funded by the Department of Communities until June 2024.

What CLAN Midland will do:

  • Provide guidance and training to willing volunteers to build confidence, leadership and resilience supporting them to organise and deliver activities themselves (based on their interest or expertise);
  • Support with resources and connections to spaces where groups can come together, that are safe, culturally appropriate, and place-based;
  • Provide access to a network for effective outreach to the community, where a free exchange of ideas and opportunities can be leveraged;
  • Nurture and support groups formed as a result of this process, to a point where they are sustainable and self-regulating.
Local Decision Making
  • Community-led, consultative and inclusive of all who share similar visions for the community.
  • Building stronger, more connected communities by using the strengths from the community.
  • Unwrapping the potential and supporting the development of local leadership.
  • Continue to engage and strengthen partnerships with other local organisations that have a vested interest in the community.
Desired Outcomes of the Project
  • Increase in confidence
  • Increase in community engagement
  • Feeling of inclusion
  • Feeling of safety