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Our Story

CLAN Midland Inc. is a non-government, not-for-profit, community-based organisation, successfully providing support to enhance skills and the quality of the home environment for parents and families with children under the age of 18 years and individuals in the community, with a focus on the City of Swan and surrounding areas.

CLAN delivers services focused on ensuring all families are equipped to provide a supportive and caring home environment in which children can develop and learn to their full potential. The CLAN team is focused on building the family’s resilience and therefore building their skills capacity and confidence. We believe in early intervention to support families to improve life opportunities and reduce the barriers to effective parenting.

Through an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach, CLAN works alongside individuals within the community to use their own talents, skills and knowledge to drive engagement with their neighbours and the wider community.

CLAN operates as an independent service with a Board of Management (hereinafter referred to as “the Board”) and retains a strong bond with community agencies, local practitioners, participants engaging in CLAN’s services and volunteers, ensuring a healthy environment for all involved with CLAN.

CLAN aims to:

  • Build social connections and strengthen family bonds.
  • Empower communities by encouraging and supporting community-led initiatives.
  • Help families connect with one another and form lasting connections.
  • Encourage participants to learn new skills, volunteer and participate in community life.

We value strong relationships between all stakeholders through clear, open communication and a common vision. CLAN’s abiding aim is continuing to develop community links and networks, thus strengthening the connections between individuals, children, families, schools and the wider community.


Our Model Of Delivery

CLAN MIDLAND provides wrap around support and programs that enhances the holistic approach for schools and communities in our service delivery area.

This is done in consultation with community members, community agencies, local governments and schools.

CLAN Midland has a suite of programs to offer schools and communities to suit the needs of their participant groups. By being a stable and trusted presence in the area, CLAN Midland is able to support other organisations in strengthening partnerships in the community.

Service delivery includes programs, community outreach including at shopping centres, community events and one on one consultations.

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