Paint The Swan Read

PTSR is a grassroots approach to the promotion of early literacy ideas, information and activities with local communities running the programs – Talk, Read, Sing, Rhyme, Play every day with your child from birth. PTSR encourages the whole community to support the development of children’s early literacy skills from birth, so they will be ready for reading and writing at school.

Read Play Grow

RPG is an early intervention program with the goal of providing a pre-school home environment that allows children to start school ready to learn. It provides a safe, positive experience in which parents can learn without judgement and feel supported to provide the key experiences for their child to become a successful learner at school.

FAST®- Australia

FAST®- Australia hosts a range of program for children ranging from newborn to Year 6. FAST is a proven early intervention and prevention program that helps children succeed by empowering parents, connecting families and strengthening community engagement. The program was designed to help parents become more involved in the lives of their children through family relationship strengthening and improved parent-child bonding.

Community Links

The Community Links Project uses an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) or strengths-based approach to encourage and support community-led initiatives in Midland and Bullsbrook. By helping community and people to lead in their own communities using their own aspirations and talents, we support those individuals to grow and in turn they sustainably grow their communities.
  •  Introductory Seminar – Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
  • ABCD – Asset mapping and community conversation
  • ABCD – Relationship development and encouraging volunteerism

Happy Healthy Families

Happy Healthy Families is an 8-week program designed to support participants to transition from processed and packaged foods to wholefoods, to have the skills and information to provide adequate nutrition for their families, engage their families in appropriate physical and well-being activities and tackle household and food budgeting.


Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC) delivers a carefully structured program engaging parents to talk to other parents as a first choice when seeking information thus hearing it from ‘someone like me’.

Parents are invited to attend the Being a Parent Program weekly for 8 weeks covering topics such as feelings, play, understanding children’s behaviour, discipline strategies, listening and coping with stress.

Parent graduates are then invited to apply to become parent facilitators and run parenting groups (in pairs) through early years and parenting focused services. Parent facilitators are trained, employed, supported and supervised by CLAN staff in the local community.