Donate To Our Cause

Donations to CLAN Midland enable us to further our outreach. Your generous donations enable us to provide as much support and help to families and individuals as we can.


Why You Should Donate

When you donate to CLAN Midland, you are helping to make a difference in your local community.

Donations help to support purchasing food for Healthy Eating programs, meal money for family based programs, baby supplies for Young Parents and much more. Every dollar makes a huge difference to the services we can deliver.

  • $10 – books for children to promote early literacy
  • $30 – Literacy swap box in the community
  • $50 – Practical household items for families engaged in family strengthening programs
  • $120
    • Meal for 12 families at family strengthening program
    • Weeks food budget for 10 participants at Healthy Happy Families
    • Resources for Parenting attachment program
  • $600 - 4 Week Women's Wellness and Empowerment Workshop.