Donate To Our Cause

Donations to CLAN Midland enable us to further our outreach. Your generous donations enable us to provide as much support and help to families and individuals as we can.


Why You Should Donate

Donating to CLAN Midland truly makes a meaningful impact on the local community by supporting various programs aimed at enhancing family well-being and empowerment.

Here's how your donation can make a difference:

  1. Providing books for children: Early literacy is crucial for children's development, and having access to books at a young age can significantly impact their educational journey. By providing books, CLAN Midland fosters a love for reading and learning, setting children on a path towards academic success.
  2. Establishing a literacy swap box: The literacy swap box initiative not only promotes reading but also encourages community engagement and collaboration. By sharing books within the community, CLAN Midland creates a supportive environment where literacy is valued and accessible to all, regardless of economic status.
  3. Supplying resource materials and support for various other programs: Donations to CLAN Midland help sustain a wide range of additional services aimed at enhancing family well-being and empowerment. Resources could include educational and workshop materials as well as attachment-focused games, toys and activities that help parents and children strengthen their bond in a playful and interactive manner.

Every dollar contributed to CLAN Midland enables them to continue delivering essential services and programs that positively impact individuals and families. Thank you for recognising the importance of their work and for contributing to the betterment of the community.