Tuning In To Kids

The Tuning In To Kids Program

The evidence-based Tuning in to Kids program is based on the belief that every person has the capacity for a huge range of emotional experiences and expression.

Parenting or caring for a child is a particular kind of emotional journey, bringing its own special rewards and challenges. For many parents, connecting with children during emotional moments is one of the most rewarding but also most challenging parts of parenting.

The goal of the program is to help parents teach and support their children to understand and express their emotions in appropriate ways. It is based on the belief that it is important to foster in children an awareness and knowledge about emotions, and a capacity for controlling, expressing or magnifying them. This maximises their social, behavioural, learning, cognitive and physiological outcomes. The role of helping children to understand and regulate their emotions is called emotion coaching.



“A forum to openly reflect on how I parent, free of judgement and really make changes at home.”
“Learning coping mechanisms for my kids and myself.”
“How important Emotion Coaching is. It is very hard if I’m not emotionally stable I can’t give good, emotional feelings to my kids. Self Care is important as well.”