Ready Play Grow

Read Play Grow

Read Play Grow is an early intervention program with the goal of providing a pre-school home environment that allows children to start school ready to learn.

The program is based on research that shows in order for children to reach their potential, children need from birth:
  • Secure Attachments with their caregivers
  • Daily activities to stimulate brain development
  • Adequate nutrition to nurture growth and development
  • Preventative health care, such as hygiene and dental care
  • Supportive connections with the wider community

Read Play Grow (RPG) works alongside parents in their own homes or in groups to:

  • Promote early brain development
  • Enhance the pre-literacy skills of their children and
  • Help them with life skills and routines to be ready to enter school.

RPG is about partnering with parents to provide a safe, positive experience where parents can learn without judgement and feel supported to provide the key experiences for their child to become a successful learner at school. It is our belief that all parents want the best outcome for their child and the community can support parents to fill this role to the best of their ability. Read, Play Grow is designed to ‘Enhance and strengthen the parent toolbox.’



"I have recently participated in the "Read, Play, Grow" program from CLAN MIDLAND and would like to send my appreciation for the entire team and especially to Caroline.

I enrolled this program for my toddler and we both enjoyed and loved the program very much. Today was our last session and would like to take this opportunity to provide my feedback on this program.

As a new parent, I had many apprehensions about my parenting skills in various things such as Food, Hygiene, Play skills etc. Although, there are many online sources to find this information, I prefer to seek information from a well trusted source. Because I am a new driver, I couldn’t really drive far distances yet to attend any related programs. This is when, I came across your Read, Play, Grow program and was very delighted to know that there was a home visiting facility and can help us in providing various information. I find this extremely beneficial to all the new parents. I learnt so many new things through this program. I learnt the importance of reading to the kids from early childhood and thanks to all the wonderful books and gifts you have provided us. I kick started reading stories to my kid from the day I received our story book and now it has became an enjoyable routine. Similarly, the information you provided us on various foods that can be given to toddlers including recipe examples was very informative.

I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Caroline who made every session fun, enjoyable and informative. She is very patient and flexible. She was always punctual and friendly. Caroline never hesitated to take an extra mile in helping me out with any additional information even if it was not necessarily part of the program such as providing info about toy libraries, Au pair nannies etc. Wish you all the best!

Also, I sincerely wish CLAN Midland continues to do such wonderful programs and benefit the whole community and hope the Government provides continuous funding to such programs. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends!