FAST- Families and Schools Together

FAST is an early intervention and prevention program that helps children succeed by empowering parents, connecting families, improving the school climate and strengthening community engagement.

Kids FAST is for primary school age  parents and their student children (Pre Primary to year 6 ). It was developed it to help parents become more involved in the lives of their children through family relationship strengthening , improved parent-child bonding, and stimulating parental empowerment. By empowering parents to be the primary protective factors for their own family, FAST helps to make lasting changes in the structures of  families. It works extremely well with both universal and selective approaches to enrolment.

Baby FAST is a  multi-generational program for young parents with children 0-3 and their parents. This model is the strongest intervention program because while it is preventive for the babies, catching them early in their cognitive and behavioural development, it also supports identified risks and provides a more supported approach. Baby FAST supports young parents and grandparents in their new role, helps to strengthen relationships within the family and connect the family with peers and the community

FAST works with the Social Capital Theory by building social capital, connecting people and building trusting relationships. In this environment, social isolation declines and mutual support within and between families flourishes. From this foundation, shared positive values arise naturally- increasing the likelihood that children will make wiser, healthier choices throughout their lives.

CLAN Midland is proud to have representation on the FAST Australia Alliance.

FAST Australia is formed to act as the national peak body of FAST Program deliverers in Australia.

Through partnership, collaboration, resource sharing and mutual support & encouragement, FAST Australia seeks to achieve the following OBJECTIVES:

  1. Represent the unified aspirations and interests of FAST Australia members to Families and Schools Together Inc.
  2. Identify and lobby government and private funding bodies.
  3. Expand the shared capacity to deliver FAST Programs across Australia, especially into unserviced states and locations.
  4. Build the awareness, profile and reputation of FAST Programs and Program Deliverers locally and nationally
  5. Develop strong networks between FAST Program deliverers, trainers, participants and key stakeholders
  6. Is authorised to deliver FAST Trainer accreditation within Australia.
  7. Develop authorised adaption of FAST Programs in response to varying social, cultural and language contexts.
  8. Develop and supervise administration of a variety of culturally relevant Program evaluation tools.
  9. Promote and strengthen the quality and consistency of delivery of all FAST Programs.

FAST in Australia is currently overseen by an “executive” group as part of a partnership between three organisations, strategically located across the country. Each member has solid FAST experience, each having 10 years+ of FAST experience in a range of contexts.

Executive Members

CLAN Midland, FAST

Mal Galbraith - FAST NT, Carol Goedken - FAST Inc, Mark Boonstra - Impact Communities, Fiona Lee - CLAN Midland