Paint the Swan REaD

Paint The Swan REaD

Paint the Town REaD (PTSR) is a community based early literacy campaign designed to encourage the whole community to get behind the importance of literacy in the early years.

The PTSR Committee is made up of local community organisations including CLAN Midland, The Smith Family, Dyslexia-SPELD Literacy Services, City of Swan Library Services, local community members, parents, Communities for Children and United Way WA. The Committee is always actively looking for others to be involved including local businesses.

PTSR encourages the whole community to support the development of children’s early literacy skills from birth, so they will be ready for reading and writing at school. This development mainly occurs through talking, singing, reading, rhyming and playing with children from birth. A solid foundation in basic literacy is critical for the acquisition of literacy skills at school, which in turn is essential for employment and adult life successes. Research shows if a child enters school without these skills, the literacy gap between them and those ready to read and learn is likely to widen not narrow, regardless of the excellence of the schools’ teaching skills.

PTSR is supported locally by the Altone, Bullsbrook, Ellenbrook and Midland Early Years and Family Support Networks.

CLAN Midland continues to use PTSR as a wonderful tool for community and parent engagement.

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