What can I say, sometimes one sees things that makes one stop and think.

How a seemly ordinary class being undertaken can turn into something special. I was a recent observer at a class at CLAN Midland that has the title of Arts and Crafts.

The ladies that attended this class range in ages. Some had children and these children were welcomed and acknowledged. A young baby was there and was being fussed over by the ladies. The children played while their mums created.

I saw some of the lovely creations that were being made. As it is near Christmas, some were making Christmas wreaths from plastic bags and coat hangers, some were making placemats, some were painting their Christmas decorations and some were making clothes. It was a hive of activity, with everyone creating something.

The most creative and wonderful thing I saw been made was friendships, ladies interacting and conversing with one another, about what was happening in their life. The good the bad and the ugly. They could speak to one another freely and without judgement or fear, getting advice and support from each other, creating a type of support network with each other without ever realising it.

It may be called an Arts and Craft class but these ladies were amazingly caring about each other. What a lovely supportive atmosphere that class has and what lovely people attend it.