Art Group

Art Group

  • Create - In a busy world where we consume all day long it is nurturing to make time and space to create.
  • Reflect – During the creative process awareness’s are naturally uncovered through symbolism, pictures, colours, shapes or the medium used be it either clay, paint, pencil or pastels. It is often unexpected what is uncovered as art helps to reach a part that may not have been reached using other practices.
  • Explore – Often we find it difficult to really hear or connect with our unconscious beliefs, although they really control what we do and how we are in the world. If we really want to change things to transform areas of our life we need to become aware of our unconscious patterns and thoughts. Art sessions are a gentle and effective way to identify as well as deal with the struggles we experience in daily life.
  • Express – Applying paint to canvas or simply cutting out pictures and creating a collage can often be a better form of expression than sitting and talking about stress, trauma or challenges. Emotions and feelings are expressed in the art piece rather than the need to find words to describe what is being experienced.
  • Connect – Be surrounded by a group of like-minded women who connect through commonality in a nonthreatening environment. Each person’s creation is unique and there is no judgment on any art produced as it is for personal exploration and release. It is not so much about the art being good but what the creator gets out of doing the piece. Strong connections are formed as the experience is shared and friendships are formed.


“Experience has been phenomenal. I feel as I’ve transitioned and transitioned into a stronger being. I love that this a safe place to be you and I always look forward to every week.”

"Since joining the group I have a better understanding of who I am and my life purpose.

I have been given support and the tools to be a stronger and happier me which has also helped me to become a better mother, friend and even daughter."

“Wow! A real surprise it’s not what it seems. Yes art is created but it’s how you connect with the piece which is liberating. The laughs, the smiles are always present in abundance.”